Dentist Nearby – Kelli Slate, DDS

Dentistry is a serious business but sometimes it is good to have a little fun. The future is very close and it will not be long before conversations like this will take place by speaking into your mobile phone and asking for help.

You: Siri
Siri: I’m awake.
You: I have a toothache, it hurts a lot and I need a dentist nearby.
Siri: Anything else?
You: We are in Dallas and …
Siri: I know where we are.
You: Well!
Siri: There is a well recommended dentist near you called Kelli Slate, DDS.
You: What is her address please?
Siri: Her dental office in Lakewood is at 6342 La Vista Dr, Ste C, Dallas, Texas, TX 75214
You: Does she have good reviews?
Siri: Here are some reviews – 5 stars overall.
You: What are the dental office opening hours?
Siri: The office is open Monday through Thursday, 7am to 4pm.
You: Please call the office Siri.
Siri: OK – calling (214) 821-8639 …
. 2 minutes later
You: Siri I have booked an appointment with the dentist. Please show me a map for directions to Dr. Kelli Slate’s office
Siri: Here is the map. We are about 3 miles and 6 minutes away.
You: Good, please load the directions in Betsy.
Siri: You mean the Tesla.
You: Stop it!
Siri: OK. You’re good to go – coffee?
You: No.
Siri: OK, are you driving or me?

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