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Regularly Screening For Oral Cancer – Important

The American Cancer Society, estimate there are around 39,000 cases each year of oral cancer being diagnosed across the country. Unfortunately, some 8000 of those patients having been diagnosed result in premature and untimely deaths. It is very important that…

Kelli Slate, DDS

Invisalign® Clear Aligners & Creating That Perfect Smile

It is not uncommon for our patients to ask if it's possible to straighten their teeth, close gaps between them or improve their smile. However, most patients want to avoid wearing fixed metal braces. Traditional braces using metal wires aren't…

Kelli Slate, DDS

Dental Pain / Tooth Ache? Ignoring It Won’t Make It Stop

Recent research indicates that a large proportion of 50-65 year olds are embarrassed and anxious about the state of their teeth. Far too many hope by ignoring their dental problem it will stop, heal itself or simply go away. Unfortunately…

Kelli Slate, DDS

Dental Conditions & Treatments

Dr. Kelli Slate at her dental office in Lakewood TX offers a comprehensive range of dental treatments and procedures for her patients. If you are suffering from any of these dental conditions and require treatment then please contact our dental…

Kelli Slate, DDS

What Are The Causes Of Bad Breath?

There are several potential causes of bad breath. 1. Poor oral hygiene The most common cause of halitosis (commonly referred to as bad breath) is not following a regime of good oral hygiene. This is because bacteria builds up and…

Kelli Slate, DDS
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